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Holiday Sale!

Welcome to Burton Car Wash



Burton Car Wash has been a family owned and operated business since 1975. It is now consolidated in one location at 873 Putney Road in Brattleboro, VT. We work hard to maintain our long-standing reputation of providing friendly and knowledgeable customer service at a reasonable price, always wanting customers to feel they have had a pleasant and “clean” experience whenever they visit.

Burton Car Wash currently offers 3 bays of touch free pressure automatic washing. Featuring self-pay Access units and computer controlled PDQ G-5 car wash systems, the facility needs no attendants and is indeed open 24/7. Nevertheless, for the customer who wants or needs assistance, staff is on site and available to help Monday – Friday from 8 – 5 and on Saturday from 8 – 3. If no one is out and about on the lot, we’re most likely in our office on the second floor. Just go to the door on the exit side of the building and ring the doorbell. We’ll be right there to help!

We have 4 self-service vacuums, two of which include modest carpet shampoo and spot removal capability. Although they are constantly in use, we pride ourselves in keeping the vacuum area clean and tidy. These too are available for use 24/7.

A vending machine can be found on the entrance side of the car wash building. For sale are a variety of car care products, including glass wipes, multi-purpose cleaners, vinyl and leather dressings, paper or cloth towels, wheel cleaner, and air fresheners.

Coming soon will be a fourth wash bay equipped with self service equipment for the customers who enjoy the hands-on experience of washing their vehicle. Options will include hi-pressure soap, rinse and wax, wheel & tire cleaner, foam brush, undercarriage wand, and air drier. Instructions for each option are provided in the bay. Payment can be made with coin, bills, or credit card.

We invite you to visit us often and are always eager for your feedback – whether complimentary or expressing ideas of how we can improve our services..

Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • I was there just this morning with my dodge diesel truck and the guys who work there were the kindest, most helpful, wonderful young men - they helped me with everything - I was nervous with my big truck but they helped me not only with the computer but also guiding my truck into the bay and watching out for the jutting out mirrors and their overhead washer - THANK YOU so much - I will be back soon again!!! YOU ARE ALL SO WONDERFUL!!!
    Jane, Regular Customer
  • Connie Burton is one of my favorite small business owners! I went to the 10 year celebration today and it was great! I don't get my car washed a lot but every time I do every thing is great!

    Vacuums and carpet cleaners are a huge plus! My kids spill everything in the car!
    Courteney, Regular Customer

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Holiday Sale

Burton Touch Free feels that car washes are the greatest of gifts, both for oneself and for drivers on one's holiday gift list. To this end, we run a "lowest prices of the year" sale on all wash cards and encourage everyone to stock up on their wash needs for the ensuing year as well as remember others by giving wash cards. When you give a wash card, you don't have to make choices on colors, fragrances, sizes, personal preferences - all those choices that make choosing gifts so difficult. Everyone loves a clean car, no matter what their personal preferences might be. Begins late November.

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